Welcome to Archi's Thai.
Serving Las Vegas
in four locations.

Welcome to Archi's Thai Las Vegas.

His name was Arichai Silpasuvun, but after moving to Las Vegas from Thailand, everybody called him "Archi." At the time, there were barely any Thai restaurants in Las Vegas. It was assumed that the natural boldness, brightness, and spice of authentic Thai cuisine would offend the American palate, but Archi didn't think so. He was always wowing his friends with his home-made authentic Thai meals. As long as he could have a hand in preparing it, he was confident that authentic Thai cuisine would be a hit.

He was right. Archi's Thai Kitchen opened in 2002 on Flamingo and Torrey Pines and was an immediate success. Americans, it turned out, weren't simply "ready" for authentic Thai cuisine. They loved it. Archi himself was frequently in the kitchen cooking many of the meals, assisted by his family and close friends. Visitors enjoyed the cozy and familiar setting, reminiscent of Archi's own home.

Arichai Silpasuvun
The founder of Archi Thai restaurant, Arichai Silpasuvun aka Archi.

Today, twenty years later, we're proud to serve the Las Vegas community across four locations in Henderson, Summerlin, Spring Valley, and Enterprise. Archi's name has become synonymous with authentic Thai cuisine: when people in Las Vegas want authentic Thai food, they know to go to "Archi's." Archi's family continues to staff and manage the restaurants, honoring his vision to serve delicious, authentic Thai food.

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